Twin Flame

Posted on 06 June 2010 by teza

We call forth our Ascended Masters,  Archangels, Teachers of Light and Love to surround, support and guide us to connect to our twin flame.We are here to know, align and magnify this in our field of realities in this dimension that we are living. For as long as we are not align to this twin Divine Soul of ours we can never be fulfilled in our relationships in this human form that we are currently living. We ask that this twin flame of our soul be ignited, aligned, activated and be connected to us in cellular and physical level, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of ours.

What is a twin flame? this is the primal energetic inseparable forces of creation of our soul from the Source into our existence and everything that contains these twin flames of Divine feminine and Divine masculine energy of love. In simple terms this is not the human partner that we long to have here in our relationships with humans but it is our own energetic soul mate that we have disconnected from when we incarnate in this human form. Our twin flame never left us but it is always here, we are the ones who forgot where this flame of love had been disconnected, because of separation in this field that we are, in the third dimension, we got lost. It’s now the time to come and ask for our twin flame to connect and penetrate our entire being to be one with its most highest deepest feelings of love that we can experience here in our lifetimes. Sending love to our twin flame and opening the doors of our hearts in receiving them back to us.

We are in this era of love and light, there is no more suffering and pain, release anything that is not of light. The shadow will point you towards unity where you need to clear or let go of this victim or saboteur archetypes in your energetic field. Don’t waist your time and energy to stay in this vibration of separation but be aware of where the energetic vampires are sucking or draining you. There is nothing that you can do but be in this “waiting field” so to speak to allow and see how this energies are playing in your lifetimes. You have called this in your creation to help you transcend this heaviness in your heart and body, release and connect to your soul as your twin flame is preparing you to this experience of union and perfect timing of connection. Your thoughts, words and actions will show you where you are in your vibrations and don’t be alarm if things are not going your way because you are learning the lessons of allowing and being in the moment. Healing every aspects of your being, there is more work to be done in this ascension process where there is no shadow but truly a light reflection of where and who you are perceiving yourself is. The more you see others as yourself the more you are in alignment to your soul. There is only love to understand this point of view because the fear and separation only misaligned you into the manifestation of the true love of your soul.

Our  twin flame is eager to connect while we  are busy analyzing where our life is at this moment. Release the tension and allow the love that is in your life to manifold its gem and treasure anything or anyone that is in your house of love. Relationships are there to understand yourself. You will align to your twin flame when the fire in your hearts ignite this beautiful coming of your soul into its fullness in its creation. This is the time to connect and allow love in your lifetime to fully experience the gift of union with our twin flames. Our souls are longing to be one and we are always one when we become one with our twin flame. The paradox of living in this duality will be in oneness when we self recognized that we have been two in one soul, carrying the energetic force of our twin flame. This is the union of our hearts in the energetic field and create oneness in our experiences in this lifetime.

As the twin flame joins you and fill your heart with this bonding of lasting happiness and bliss, you will be in union with all that is. Your perceptions of life and things will transform and become light. The heaviness that you carry will be lifted and release back to the Source of love and light. You become a vessel of this pure love, understanding and mercy towards others and their journeys towards light. We will be transparent in our thoughts, words and deeds and will come into this space of oneness. There is no more fear but love that will take you in this journey of your soul. The love that you have for yourself will create more love as it abounds through you and it creates a rippling effect around your energetic field. Open your heart, send love to your twin flame, ignite this in your field, create space of oneness, release that is not of light, allow the space of love where your twin flame unites and create this Divine oneness into your soul manifesting in every experiences that you will have in this lifetimes. We are one together with our twin flames, we will create this Divine Light that will lighten others in their paths towards ascension. Live this oneness and our twin flames will continually light our ways and create boundless experiences of love and light.


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  1. brian Says:

    Kids Basketball Hoops Hi ! Love your Blog thanks you for sharing

  2. mace Says:

    say a prayer for me and my tf as we are apart. I try to send as much love and light is posible.

  3. C. Says:

    I didn’t marry my twin flame though when I married I kept thinking I should be with him.He’s to stubburn to feel how I do.I know a lot about us he wouldn’t understand,not mature enough.Think if you feel a connection,looking at each other eyes without saying a word knowing what they’re thinking what is that?We probably have karma of past lives and were not meant to be together don’t know.Who knew twin flame could heal your heart for a split second and hurt,let you down.Trying to cut him from me completley even though he’s my twin I’m sick of him purposely pissing me off I’m done with him and his games.

  4. S Says:

    TO: C.

    Twinflames should never hurt each other…coz the love is unconditional.
    You are not supposed to ever be upset. its just a set back…and need more time to get to know and accept himself and yourself.

    I hurt my twin, by ignoring him when he needed me the most, but I later realised he never gets upset at me….but also guides me.
    now we are seperated by 16 years. we finally realize we are closer to uniting. So it may take a while. keep loving unconditionally!

  5. M Says:

    I have been separated from my twin for 26 years. With brief reconnections in between… Ugh…

    The pain can be unbearable at times…

  6. teza Says:

    @ M you are learning the lessons of letting go and everything will pass away and that God suffices..blessings on your soul’s path! Teza

  7. lynn Says:

    I met mine about 6 years ago, when I was 13 & he was first I didn’t know what it was, or why the connections between us was so strong. I remember the day we first talked though, he found me & just started a conversation as if he knew me.I didn’t think much of it until a few minutes in when a strange feeling washed over me, like warm vibrations of peace and love..coming from the soul and beating through the heart just by sitting there talking to him.the rest is a very looong story,we had an unresolved past. but today we’re closer than ever now.<3

  8. Artic Says:

    My twin flame/twin soul is a serial dater who is generally fleeing from one bad relationship to another. Always on the prowl for the “one”, even though he has an incredibly irresistible magnetic attraction for me at the most deepest soul level. I can acutely feel his pain when we are apart. When we are together, our hearts vibrate with love and I can no longer experience his pain. It’s as if our union creates a healing. I’m exhausted at this writing because on top of our undeniable soul connection, there is a palpably strong sexual attraction that he continually resists acting upon. I cannot imagine making love to another man and so I’m foolishly “saving myself” knowing he will continue his dance of serial dating and break up to the point of exhaustion. Finding your twin flame can be complete and utter hell on earth. This is the first time in my life that I’ve experienced such a raw emotional connection with someone I’ve never made physical love to. Knowing he is intimate with other women only leaves me yearning more for his affection. I’m so distraught and sick with love, I feel sacked and spent. I am certain I am physically undergoing a slow death. I scream my wretched prayers to God, every minute of every day, to please wrench me from this horrible pain and longing, but my prayers have yet to be answered. My only wish is to ascend out of this world now. God, please help me.

  9. teza Says:

    I’m sorry that you are going through so much emotional and mental trauma. THis is a part of your clearing process towards ascension. Without a doubt you had a sacred contract with your twin flame, but in this lifetime he is here to teach you something and that is your value, self worth and unconditional love for yourself and others. Don’t consume your existence with your attachments to him, allow the grace and love of God flow through you and connect to your highest potential to serve your highest purpose in this dimension. Sending lots of blessings of love and light! Teza

  10. Mike Says:

    What happens when you meet someone and you realize that person is your twinflame? I remember there was just that instant connection deep and very energetic to both our souls when she and I met last year. What does it mean when she tells me 11:11 always and forever? She keeps telling me too that the more she wants the more she has to let go and I need to do the same. So confusing and the yearning is just so great. It complicates it more because I’m married but my marriage has been on the downside for years.

  11. teza Says:

    There is a Sacred contract between the two of you in your past lives and that you will meet here and know that you guys have that connection. It’s obvious that she is in alignment with her integrity because she would stay away fr you because of your marital status but it still doesn’t change her knowing that you are her past lover in another past life. Now, the choice is yours whatever you want to do with your marriage, life is too short to live inside the box. Be free with your spirit and love your self enough to be in your truth, not living what others expect of you. Be brave and courageous for what your heart desires and live your soul’s purpose! Blessings of love and light! Teza

  12. Mike Says:

    Hi Teza! Thanks for the reply. I almost forgot that I had posted about my situation already. Well, my situation now is that I’ve decided to separate from my wife and live the way my life was meant to be and not be restricted by guilt, fear, and pre-programmed beliefs.
    As for my twinflame she’s moved to the East Coast while I’m still here on the West Coast. Before she left we did profess our love for each other and that it was a mutual deeply and truly. We still communicate almost everyday whether by phone, text, or email. We’re actually collaborating on a project together which is our gift to the world to help heal and awaken others. So we’re both happy with that at this point and until my divorce is final then it is what it is.

    Thank you. Love and Light back to you. Mike

  13. teza Says:

    hello Mike it’s great to know that you had moved on with your new life and live happier:) it’s awesome to be able to serve and help others with their healing! as you heal others you heal yourself..have fun with your new project and hopefully your twin flame would be able to join you in this lifetime! Namaste~

  14. Preity Says:

    I am a starseed, a lightworker and a healer. My gift to this world is being writer flowing love and compassion and healing through my words. Recently I met a man, through talks I felt an intense whirl of energy. But he is homosexual. I have had already seen his face (while seeking my twin from my spirit guides during meditation), he seems my twin. But I am heterosexual and he a homo. I could feel his pain, and his lose of not being loved by anyone. What could u say for that, Teza?

  15. teza Says:

    meeting your twin soul doesn’t mean that both of you chooses to be together in this lifetime. You can still be true friends and feel unconditional love for him whatever state he is in right now. May be you are here to help him with his pain and be an angel for to remind him of his truth. Blessings on your soul’s path and finding your true happiness! Teza

  16. T Says:

    I am very happy to have found this post! I met my twin flame 2 years ago through his first cousin who is another soul mate of mine. We knew we were soul mates when we both equated finding each other to “feeling like we had come home” however we are 16 years apart in age and I began to evolve spiritually and he decided to stay stuck, full of fear and not move on with our plans to be together. He has a lot of emotional issues he did not wish to heal at this time.

    He still wishes to “stay connected” even though he has “moved on” which I know is just the soul not truly wishing to part – but not truly being able to be together due to past karma and current ego based fears on his part. I feel it is my calling and my responsibility as his twin flame to send as much unconditional love, healing, distant healing and prayers to him so that we can one day be united again in spiritual health and hopefully both ascend! I personally do not wish to entertain dating anyone as I know we will eventually be together again, but I am not closed to it. In my heart and my soul we are still united as one and always will be.

    Do you think this is just wishful thinking on my part? Or am I truly a spiritual warrior??? I don’t want to come back to this earth again!!! Taking matters as much in my own hands as possible ;-)

  17. teza Says:

    Hello thank you for your comments and I know it’s not easy to let go of your karmic bonds but as we speak we realized that in this lifetime we have choices to move forward or to get stuck in the illusion that the other party will move on. It is his soul’s choice what he wants to do and definitely I would advice you to cut the cords between you and him and release him with love, light and grace. This way you will be freeing both of you from unresolved relationships and heal your souls. You will open your heart’s door to a new dimension of truly finding your heart’s desires and may God be with you always! Namaste! Teza

  18. R Says:

    I am distraught by the idea that I do not really know if I met my twin flame or I just had a deep mystical experience with a fellow intuitive. I am not attached either way because if a twin flame is any different than this it really does not matter – for me labels do not define the experience I had. What I do know is that I met this person one day after I had a dream of the city he lived in…it’s 3000 miles from me and three days later I meet this person in a restaurant in my city. He was traveling to another place and was in the city for a couple of days. He told me he also knew he was going to meet me (I kind of believed him – there were too many coincidences happening around us.) We met on 9-9-12 and he left on 9-11-12 I talked to him for 4 hours in this restaurant and felt not only an physical attraction but it was as if he was the safest closest person in the world to me. I spent the best 3 days of my life going on dates with him. I found that our connection was pleasant but issues were coming up and we were pushing one another’s buttons but there was no arguments or tension…just an awareness. I felt that for the first time I was a woman with a man – I felt my femininity come alive. I made love to him without physically having sex. It was as if our souls merged and was suspended in time. We cuddled together promising to save sex for next time. For the first time I experienced having no ego, no judgments and no need to defend. Time stopped and it was as if I opened my mind completely to this man. He told me to sing more and I intuitively knew what issues he had and that he had work to do on himself. He told me he had health issues and he was leaving but would try to return but he had no definite time frame. I was so afraid of separation when he was leaving that I shut down and his departure was the beginning of a 3 month mental collapse for me. My heart opened but my mind collapsed. It was an awakening yet very painful. During this time he stopped communicating with me – in a sense he ran and showed me his shadow side. I never stopped thing of him nor did I judge him or blame him…Many friends told me that this man was a coward but he never judged or blamed me either. He has been on my mind every minute of every day for the past six months and not by choice – I honestly do not know how I am functioning so well but I am. I am becoming empowered in my health and lifestyle choices because of the direction and suggestions he gave me. I am a better person and although I have not been successful in breaking the bond – my life is not the same. I have created a healing community for myself of love and acceptance. Even so it is as if he is still inside of my head. I use to talk to him as if he was thinking with me – finding myself dealing with common issues in ways I personally would not know how. This continued until someone told me I was being delusional. I have had astral visits by him and he has communicated with me through his singing…my intuitive abilities have heightened and I often lucid dream things before they happen. So despite all of this I see now that he was a mirror for me leading me to greater self love. I cannot control if he physically shows up again, nor will I chase him or try to get him to come back…So today I choose to say that I had a connection with myself and the lesson is self-love. If I live in the present day and hold those memories as an example of the highest form of love; self love…Ascension is near…union is inevitable and this experience can shift the consciousness of so many. Blessing…Ro

  19. charlotte Says:

    well. ive been going through one for three years. i dont see him. he barely talks to me.been through so much pain and distress!

  20. charlotte Says:

    i love him so so much yet i dont love myself enough! last time i saw him was seven years ago. i crave2 see him but both scared!

  21. charlotte Says:

    i mention the connection to him i say how i feel about things sometimes about him but he never texts and mentions it. avoiding!

  22. Jermaine Says:

    What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have
    found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me out loads.
    I hope to contribute & help other customers like its helped
    me. Great job.

  23. A Says:

    Ive only recently found out about twin flames but i truely think i have met my twin flame,(same sex couple) and she ran from me. We met and experienced this intense connection that we were both so blown away by, we knew it was rare and special and could never explain our feelings towards each other cause it was difficult to explain the type of love we had for each other. We could look into each other eyes and it was like we could see into each others souls. We were inseperable and nothing made us happier than just being with each other.

    She suddenly left me in which i think the love and intensity of our relationship became a little too much for her. She told me she needed space, i now realise this may be because she needs to sort things out for herself. I think she is scared of feeling what we have, and wants to go back to something that is easy and doesnt scare her. I am learning that i just need to wait. Its been the most excruiating pain i have ever experienced. Its been 6 months and we still communicate via text msg. We cannot make eye contact if we see each other and i guess this is due to the connection she knows we still have and it must be just as painful for her.

    She basically wants me to “move on”, something that i feel is emotionally and physically impossible for me to do. I cant go a minute without thinking about her, i told her i would wait but i know i have to work on loving myself so that we can be open for her to return. I just find it difficult when i miss her so immensely. NO ONE understands either, they see me in pain and crying and sad alot and they just dont get why. I believe i still feel her pain, and i still have some telephathy with her and i often know what she is doing or thinking without her telling me. I think she will continue to deny this connection. For the time being anyway

    Does anyone have any advice on whether or not i tell her about this connection or do i have to wait and see if she finds out on her own accord? Sometimes she asks how i am, Do i tell her that i struggle? A way to explain how i feel is to get her to know what a twin flame chaser experiences. I dont want to overwhlem her anymore than she already is, i just get lost sometimes.

  24. teza Says:

    In this timeline you and your twin souls are not ready to integrate and reunite. We have free will and your partner is not ready to face you because of fear. There is no sense of waiting for your twin soul, we are here to experience fully what life has to offer. Don’t resist your universal flow of energy. Don’t get stuck, move on. if it’s meant to be it will happen. Ground yourself and live joyfully!

    Blessings of love and light,

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