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Posted on 12 January 2011 by teza

The Universal mind is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent power house within and around us. When we tap into the power of the mechanism of this Universal mind we will be in congruent with the force of God’s love. The brain is an instrument of this Universal mind, it is from this organ that we build, create and think. When one is aware of how this mechanism works then one can align with the power of the Universe which can create and construct. With the shift that we are experiencing we are asked to know our deepest passion. The fire which ignites our souls to be and what we are meant to do will manifest into our field of reality. It starts with how we put our focused attention to what we want to create. Without this focus our energy will be scattered and wasted away. We need to focus in order to  harness our potential and bear the right fruit;, by daily meditation we can achieve our creation and become co-creators of this lifetime. Meditation, visualization and feeling our emotions are effective tools in manifestation.

The Universe works in harmony and synchronicity, when you align yourselves with this nature you will be able to manifest creation as it is alive and always creative. The Law of attraction teaches how to manifest something from nothing. We are co-creators in this vast Universe, we all have limitless potential to participate. All we need to remember is our own true nature, we are here to experience love, peace and happiness. The substance of thoughts is what this external reality is made of. The allowance of this flow of creativity will help yield  fruits of wisdom. Our expansive selves know that we are connected to the source, we are always provided and supported by this Universe that we inhabit. Our mind is capable of creating anything that we want as long as we are in the flow of the universal will.

Our brain is part of a nervous system that is comprised of the neurons and transmitters that relay messages to the brain informing it of our intentions and our current state of functioning. When we realize the importance and central roleof these neuro-transmitters in communicating our intended realities, we can predict the outcome of our cause because the effect is what we have put into these data banks. Everything that is in harmonious relationship works in a functional mode, and that is how we should create and be in this lifetime. When we are in the natural flow of our system, we move in balance towards the results of what we want to have. The subconscious mind is where the program lies; unconscious negative thoughts are quite deceiving, and when we become aware that our reality is directly influenced by the result of these subconscious thoughts then we can correct and transform them into positive outcomes.

The subconscious is the foundation of our life; we have to be aware of these thoughts to be in congruence with what we want to create. When we become aware we wake up from our own illusions and we connect to our true selves. Our truth is what we came here for to experience  which is love and happiness. When a person has inner peace, there is nothing that can disturb him. He possesses true mastery, detachment from false forms or ego, and is aligned with his inner self which is the spirit. We change the way we view our lives and others. We become one with all that is and we become a vessel of light. The radiance of this light expands into the darkness and creates a luminosity that is quite transparent to the naked eyes of those who see. You become a beacon of light and love is in your field, you are one with the Universe.

The Super Conscious mind is the source of your power and wisdom; here you connect to the Universal or Cosmic mind. The Solar Plexus is the seat of our wisdom, it is here that we generate light and courage to bring in thatlight to our energetic fields. Be aware of your gut feelings as they speak from the unconscious thoughts, the subliminal messages that we need to know to be free from the illusions of the ego. Our physical form is just a shell that acts on behalf of the spirit; when we are blocked we are stuck in the egoic form and we have difficulty living a peaceful life. When we are not harmonious within our own flow of consciousness we are blind. We unconsciously create situations that bring chaos, conflict and pain. People wonder and continue to blame others and hold them responsible for their misery, but the truth is they draw themselves to such situations;they are just asleep.

As an observer of this drama, you will not emotionally react because you have shifted into your new self that is free of radicals and toxins that hide your inner light. You are now free to see the drama as it plays in your external reality and will be able to bring in peace in the midst of chaos by just being there as a presence and source of love and light. Compassion takes over your whole being as you become aware of the unnecessary human mind conditioning that is not in alignment with the spirit. There is a sense of knowing that we are one even in the midst of separation. Our senses are heightened to the energetic fields that are not in congruence with our soul. You are one within your inner light and become a light to help guide others.

The Universal mind connects you to the collective consciousness of all that is. It is here that you connect to your higher self and become aligned with your truth. There is oneness with others, and as you are filled with inner peace and solace you are moved to help others in their ascension process. Since the Universal mind is omnipresent we are co-creating in the present moment our future reality in agreement with our soul’s highest potential. Every spark of awareness brings light to our new world, and hope and faith to the era of the enlightenment of the human species. We evolve as one mind collectively in many bodies as we exist in this third dimension. When we accelerate our frequencies to the higher vibrations of living multidimensionally, energetically speaking, we accelerate as our planet Earth rises in the synchronized movements and vibrations of the galactic universe. Everything that we see is a fractal part of the universal self that we are. There is no separation between others and you, as you are everything in this mind field.

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